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Derry's Condo Headshot

Friday, July 19, 2019

Spanish Colonial: the remedy for a Mediterranean Home

I personally haven't heard a request for a Mediterranean or Tuscan style home in years. Especially in style and design, there are significant pendulum swings almost as a reaction to an over saturation. For example, V-neck tees, skinny jeans and hoodies used to be the fashion uniform just a decade ago. After a few too many butt crack sightings, we've transitioned to high waisted pants or shorts, cropped tees, denim on denim on denim or a more athleisure look where it is acceptable to wear sporty sweatpants and slides any time and anywhere. I think Adam Levine is the only one still wearing skinny jeans and V-neck tees, but I'll give him some slack given that was the look when he rose to fame.

So why do I mention fashion trends? Home trends go through similar pendulum swings. For example, before the recession, the trend was big Mediterranean or Tuscan style homes that were dark and rich with warm tones throughout. The homes were grand and regal. However, in comparison to the new homes that we find today, they're dark, gaudy, over the top and formal. Whether it is the modern farmhouse, coastal modern, mid century modern, or contemporary home, the defining qualities are light, white and bright across the board. I've even written posts on how to create depth and definition when your home is white on white on white. These new homes couldn't be more of a 180 degree turn from what was being developed even 15 years ago.

So what do you do if you bought a Mediterranean or Tuscan home and are looking to make your next move? Look towards Spanish Colonial homes. These homes are found everywhere throughout California with the highest concentration centered around Santa Barbara. Featured throughout Spanish Colonial homes are a sense of measured grandeur that is balanced with a breezy, sprawling quality that offers the best of indoor, outdoor California living. There's a balance between the crisp white walls and the depth of dark rich woods that range from raw to highly cared for lacquered woods. The ying yang balance of the crisp white and dark wood offers a timeless elegance comparable to the "I woke up like this" allure that comes from most Californians.

So now that your moth is watering over the fabulousness of a Spanish Colonial home, how do you garner this within your Mediterranean or Tuscan home. Your home is newer, in great condition and was in the elite pack of trend setting homes for it's time, but it's not what buyers are looking for today. Architecturally, both Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial homes typically have a sprawling grandeur to them, complete with curves, terracotta roofs, and dark brown wood work. The difference is that a Spanish Colonial home has a significantly greater contrast than the Mediterranean or Tuscan home. Spanish Colonial homes have bright white walls and feature darker wood accents than most Mediterranean homes. Quick math: swap your gold and jewel tones for white and replace your wood for a darker shade of brown. With this swap, you're killing a couple birds with one stone: you're making your home much breezier and you're making your home a classic California style that has been around for many years.

Most importantly, you should sell your house faster and for more money!!!

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