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Derry's Condo Headshot

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

In the era of technology, communication and robots....

What role do we as humans play in the process of real estate transactions? This is always a conversation that comes up in real estate as things become more automated and the process more transparent.

In some small instances, real estate is a very transactional business. In most situations though, it is a human bartering property with another human. For as much as we would all like to think that we are perfect, we're just not. If we were, we would all have perfect bodies, never run late, and be infinitely wealthy because we've made all the right decisions. The bottom line is that perfection isn't the human experience and for as much as real estate is about real property, it's about people most of all.

It's about buying your first home together. Buying the home you will raise your family in. Buying the coastal property that will be a source of stories for generations to come. In other instances, it's about moving on to where you want to retire. It's about selling a property to not be a landlord anymore. It's about swapping the coast for the mountains. It's about selling to have less responsibility and to spend more time traveling. These are human experiences and goals that no robot or algorithm can experience. Ultimately, these are humans that are buying and selling properties. They are humans participating in a transaction, which is likely to be emotional. Transactions and people are complicated.

So where do agents fall into this process? I like to think of myself as a teammate. I'm there to help pump up my clients when times are tough. I'm there to help my clients stay focussed on the goal. I'm there to be by my client's side and collectively achieve the same goal of a successful real estate transaction. I'm there to help set up success. Buying and selling real estate is an emotional process. It's important to have someone be able to help. We're all humans trying to make things work, but we're also subject to human error and need a compassionate teammate to help us through.

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